Hire me !

I’m a senior “most-stack” developer with a strong background in Unix system development and administration, as well as software and systems architecture. I have had significant experience in designing, building, delivering and operating multiple business-critical software and services in my career.

My speciality is to audit projects and architectures to spot weaknesses that can result in incidents, and suggest improvements that could not only limit the risks of incidents but make them considerably less stressful. If you’re building an MVP, I can assist you in coming up with a proper design, one that will make use of my experience to avoid mistakes that can turn into huge technical debts. If you’re already in production, I can assist in finding pragmatic change paths that will help increase robustness without breaking an existing service.

I can also help with:

  • evaluating third-party solutions in your architectures
  • setting up good development practices with proper tooling
  • leading software developers
  • training teams in software and architecture design
  • setting up and/or handling system administration of dedicated servers
  • fixing bugs or adding features to an existing software
  • designing and building an MVP from scratch

You can contract me for very short missions spanning over a few days, or long-standing missions spanning over a few months, this is only limited by my pending contracts and schedule.

Feel free to contact me for more informations, or reviewing my resume as well as my experience and recommandations on linkedin.